Interesting Reads – 2/21/2014

Achievement Goal Theory and Why Kids Quit Sports

Lots of kids drop out of sports by the time they hit 13.  70% in fact.  With the upside of sports on kids being so positive, that’s a disturbing number.  The good news is that most of the reasons are within the coach’s influence of control.  When looking at the competitive side of things, Achievement Goal Theory (AGT) also tells us that what motivates people the most is demonstrating mastery of a task or to one’s self.  That link in the article to a 15 minute video on AGT is worth the time.

Why Kids Quit Sports

Unleashing Creativity in the Uncreative

Being creative is an important part of soccer.  Usually when I read things on how to get kids to be creative the overarching theme is usually a “hands off” approach.  However, there are going to be some players that struggle with that kind of freedom.  In fact, there are going to be kids who need a bit more structure, a little more praise and a bit more engagement from you.  Know your players and get some tips from this great article.

How to Unleash the Uncreative Children

More Bad News for Crossing

I love data and analytics. This analysis is another angle of why crossing has the lowest percentage of success for scoring goals.  The other article is in this post from last week.  Now, if you follow me on twitter and/or read this blog, you know I care more about development than about winning.  So why should this matter? For me, it just puts things like crossing and completing passes in the attacking third into perspective.  It’s hard.  It can help shape the expectations for you, your parents and your players.

And there are a lot of pretty graphics.

How Can an Attacking Team Get Close Enough to Expect a Goal?


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