11 Tips for Coaching Youth Soccer

Soccer America’s Youth Soccer Insider posted a great article giving coaches 11 tips for coaching young soccer players.  Though this was written in response to a question on how to coach 6-year-olds, most of these rules apply no matter what age you’re coaching.  Some of my favorite points:

  • Say “no” to the three L’s – no lines, laps or lectures
  • Use age-appropriate games and don’t bore them.  The longer you have to talk to explain it the better the odds that you’ve picked the wrong thing to do.  Don’t sweat it.  Improvise.
  • Don’t yell instructions. This is a tough one for most of us. If you do, you are hindering their growth more than helping it.  Challenge yourself to say less.
  • Your players are not mini-adults.  They’re kids.  Try to see the game through their eyes.  They want to have fun.

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