About This Blog

Volunteering to coach youth Soccer in the U.S. is extremely rewarding.  It can also be very difficult to get a handle on it.  At least it was for me.  From my own experience there just wasn’t any one-stop-shopping resources on what it takes to be an effective youth soccer coach.  Considering that about 3 million kids signup for soccer each year, and most coaches are volunteers, I figure there is a lot banging of heads against the wall.

When I originally kicked this off at the end of 2013, I envisioned having a comprehensive resource for other volunteer soccer coaches.  From drills to session plans to season frameworks and so on.  Soup to nuts.  As I went along, I found there are plenty of other, better resources for these kind of things.  There’s also a lot of that material out there.  Too much to really sift through.  Heck, I’m still finding things for my training sessions!

So my posts dropped off here.  Still liked the idea of this blog, hopefully helping other volunteer soccer (even other sports) coaches, but thinking about specific, comprehensive sessions and drills just wasn’t working.

Then it kind of hit me.  What helped me most was really the “process” of coaching.  How to keep things in perspective and how to reach all your players.  Things like not only developing better athletes, but better people.  Or how to motivate players, keep them motivated, handle failure and see each success as a new starting point and not a destination.  Helping parents to understand what you are trying to do and be part of the team.  And how to keep a focus on development, still be competitive but not be a win-at-all-costs coach.

And, honestly, I find doing this is most helpful for me.  Personally.  I use Twitter as my personal, social note pad with my tweets and retweets.  The problem with Twitter is that it’s hard to go back and reference. It’s already flowed too far down river.

So this blog is going to be more of a scrapbook of digital clippings from the ether.  Maybe some personal commentary here and there.  Hopefully, over time, it will take significant shape to provide a solid resource for myself and other coaches who are more interested in their players as people, who have yet to realize how truly amazing they can be on, and off, the pitch and who want to see if you can help them along that journey in unlocking their Ness.  Hey, maybe even your own!




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